Module 6

Learning in a Digital World

My philosophy of learning is student centered, the teacher provides the tools and an abundance of resources, models for scaffolding, and students are able to construct knowledge on experiences and grow with more exposure.  According to Driscoll (2005), constructivist conditions for learning should include the following:

  1. Embed learning in complex, realistic, and relevant environments
  2. Provide for social negotiation as an integral part of learning.
  3. Support multiple perspectives and the use of multiple modes of representation
  4. Encourage ownership in learning
  5. Nurture self-awareness of the knowledge construction process.

I believe that these are non-negotiable as far as learning and teaching.  Being a mother, Bachelor of Elementary Education and 10 years of elementary school teaching, I have been blessed to give my daughter a “Big Brain.”  She is able to carry conversations, remembers and repeats and learns everything.  Parents don’t particularly talk to me.  It is cool.  I have engaged in my own theories on learning and been able to apply them to her learning and growing.  She is a walking, socializing, yearning for knowledge beast.  I am not the “dance mom” but the “teach mom.”  Can I call her my research study?


Driscoll, M. P. (2005). Psychology of learning for instruction (3rd ed.).Boston: Pearson Education, Inc

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