Module 4


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My network has changed the way I learn drastically.  Going from classrooms with four walls, know I learn with my own four walls and they change daily.  The best digital tools for my learning are the computers. I consider it a gateway to the world.  When I have a question being a new mom, I go to the world wide web.  “I have an app for that!”  This is the line of the now and future.  I am constantly building my knowledge as well as trial and error.  When I have a question regarding schoolwork rather than go to the book, I can “google it.”  Today I caught a student googling how to widen a column, yet it was in front of him in his textbook.  Are we creating a lazy society?  The teenagers are dependent on their technology rather than the “classic” way.  We no longer have to memorize phone numbers or address due to our phone does it all.

Julie DeNeen stated it very well.  “The question is not- are kids becoming too dependent on technology. The question should be- why is it taking so long for institutions to catch up?” (DeNeen, 2012)  It has become a way of life to be digitally literate.  When I go the Villages in Lady Lake, FL, where my parents have a house, it is filled with senior citizens.  They walk with their smartphones, and tablets, meander through wifi cafes, and have souped up golf carts.


DeNeen, Julie. (2012). Are we teaching kids to be too dependent on technology? InformED. Retrieved from


This is a great video.



4 thoughts on “Module 4

  1. Hi Joy,

    I like the creativity on your mind map. It was interesting to see how although my mind map and yours is formatted similarly, you broke your groups of connections by family, web 2.0, job, education, and socialization. I can see how the communication within family has changed due to technology. For me, technology has been a great help in communication due to many of my family live in Mexico therefore, being able to talk in a matter of texts, or instant messaging is a plus. I really enjoyed the metaphor you used of computers being the gateway to the world. Totally agree! You described using an app for asking questions being a new mom. How would you rate the experience? Can all apps be trusted? With this in mind, I wanted to know your thoughts about the “snapsolve homework app”. This app involves snapping a picture of your homework problem, and it instantly is sent to a live tutor. (Dellinger, 2015) check out the link:
    Can an app really help our learners understand the concepts or do you believe it’s a form of just “getting the answer”? This kind of relates to your statement of “maybe” technology is making some our student simply be lazy. Looking forward to your response!


    Dellinger, A. (2015). This homework app will connect you with a tutor on the spot because math is hard. Retrieved:


  2. I could not view any blogs on the computer I was working on at school. We were having everything is blocked issues. I made my mindmap holding my breath. Like you said having family in Mexico, technology has allowed us to keep up to date and keep relatives close. And now the doctors too are being integrated into technology, not only in their office responsibilities but in the pharmacies. This is not the one I wanted but I know that have the enclosed room where you can talk to the doctor and he walks you through the exam to use the equipment and gives a diagnosis.
    I have used apps such as Gerber-based, and Parent magazine supported throughout my pregnancy and today. I feel because they are based around outstanding research and are supported by a source I trust that they are reliable.
    After interviewing my kids…they use mathway the app. If you want the answer to homework it is free, but if you want the how to it is $100 a year. Does that get you…?
    I looked at the App you posted. I feel as though there is a potential for learning but if it is used in the right way. The students can’t use their phone/Iphone on the test. It depends on the user. We give them tool, it is how they use it.
    Awesome, now I will go read your blog 🙂
    Joy Flack Avery


  3. Hi Joy
    It’s very interesting when you map out your connections and actually see how much we depend on technology. Referring to your post, I have an app on my phone that allows me to sit inside the house and start my car-lazy…probably but it is available and I use it. There seems to be apps for everything now. Some are very useful-like your mom app. Are we teaching kids the right way to use technology? Is it good to be so dependent on technology?
    When viewing your video above, I did like the fact that it said” we teach children the ability to navigate or access the internet when information is needed. The how and where! Thanks for your blog


  4. Joy,

    I can relate with your comment about a lazy society. I see this with my students. I assign vocabulary and instead of looking in the back of their textbook for the definition that goes along with our subject, they google it and then are confused why their definition doesn’t match what I am looking for. I have seen great uses of technology in my classroom, but I still have them memorize the Periodic Table even though it is there. We still need to use our memories, it keeps us healthier mentally. I have watched my mother go in the early stages of dementia and I wonder if she had worked more at keeping her brain active and learning as she aged if she would be better? Her sister who is always learning new things is having difficulty physically but very mentally active. Her other sister who did not actively keep learning also died in advance stages of dementia. It makes me wonder if we don’t need to keep our brains fully engaged and working.


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