Module 1

The Educator

Critique Siemens’s “metaphors of educators.” Which of these metaphors best describes the role you believe an instructor should take in a digital classroom or workplace? Is there a better metaphor to reflect your view of the role of instructors?

Siemens explores educators as master artist, a network administrator, a concierge, and a curator in his paper Learning and Knowing in Networks: Changing roles for Educators and Designers.  As an instructor in a digital classroom, I view the teacher as the curator.  He or she must become the expert and create individualism and independence for each learner.  The curator leads and keeps the class in check behaviorally and academically.  Merriam-Webster (2015) defines curator as “one who has the care and superintendence of something.”

As the educator in the room, you must wear hats and juggle them to fit the learners’ needs. The educators’ needs and demands from administration and the students are constantly changing, and as the curator “we must become the experts.”  My room is my museum.  (not because I hoard) 🙂


Curator. (2015).  in Merriam-Webster online. Retrieved from http://www.merriam-

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Sue Beer

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3 thoughts on “Module 1

  1. Joy- I love your explanation of your room is your museum! I looked up in internet the comparison of a curator as an educationalist and as a museum expert and here is what I found.
    “In the same way that a museum curator may acquire objects of relevance or an art curator may select or interpret a work of art, the injection of technology and impact of social media into every aspect of our society has seen the emergence of technology curators” (Retrieved from web).
    I agree that the curator has many roles to lead and is the most important person as a leader. Education and students are ever so changing and the teacher must be able to fill the needs of every student-and the curator fills that position. I enjoyed reading your post and it made me reflect on my role as an educator.
    Thanks Sue


    • Sue, I moved into a room that was once an Industrial Arts room. There is a large room which housed the teachers office, and a room within it that was a photography developing room. Then I have a larger room with center tables and 30 seated workstations, only 23 computers. Then there is an even larger room which was where the machines were housed; saws, ceiling vacuums, and another office. Within these walls is the museum. I have walked into the 70’s. I cleaned out drawers with paychecks of employees that no longer work here or live here. My room has housed so many different teachers and professions. OH they left it all here. I asked the previous teacher who happens to have been in my wedding, “David, where did you get those 75 trophies?” His reply, “dumpster diving!” Needless to say I could not keep 75 trophies so we have three now. I threw out floppy disks. My e-machines are wasted out through the county. … I walked into the museum which I know curate and have become the new hoarder. Students love to donate items for movie props. Things like 50 webkins. Would you like one?


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